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Brendan Colclough

Having initially managed a number of retail operations in the UK, Brendan spent two years in Chicago on a Management Scholarship Programme with an International Hotel chain. He subsequently returned to London to manage a significant multi unit retail operation. It was there that he had the opportunity to gain an invaluable understanding of management consulting and to develop training and development skills.

Brendan founded Quantum Training Ltd in 1995. During his time with Quantum, Brendan has managed a variety of different training projects both in Ireland and internationally with companies such as Coca Cola and Diageo, providing tailored training programmes in a number of diverse locations including New Zealand, Australia and the USA.

Brendan has developed a comprehensive interview skills programme for senior professionals, which encourages candidates to focus on the particular strengths and relevance of their qualifications and experiences. Brendan has helped a number of professionals from a variety of different backgrounds make the transition to new careers.

Brendan has been invited to join a number of interview boards for both the private and public sectors.

Brendan has also led change management projects for a range of clients where there was a need to improve efficiency and overall business performance specifically in the areas of

  • Performance Management;
  • Managing high performance teams; and
  • Leadership.

Brendan is a graduate of Business Studies and Hotel Management and is a qualified training consultant.

Email : careers@mintconsulting.ie
Telephone : +353 87 230 2266


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